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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DRFortress’ CPP?

CPP stands for DRFortress’ Channel Partner Program. The Program offers 3 different program tier levels so that our partners can select that program tier level which best suits/matches their compensation and/or business strategy requirements.

Depending on the program tier level, DRFortress Authorized Channel Partners have access to compensation and rewards for sales leads/referrals, pre-sales and marketing support for deals and customized solution development, training and technical support for our Premier Service Partners.

Why does DRFortress offer 3 different channel tiers?

DRFortress understands that every business has unique service portfolios, resources and sales strategies. Our Channel Partner Program offers 3 different tiers so that your company can select the program tier which best fits your compensation requirements and business strategy.

The 3 program tiers are:

Please select here to learn about each program tier and the related benefits of each program.

Who can register for the DRFortress Channel Partner Program?

The DRFortress Channel Partner Program is available to any organization that is interested in earning top-line revenue by referring business opportunities to DRFortress or expanding their product portfolio by directly reselling or integrating DRFortress’ services into their existing business solution offerings.

Our Authorized Channel Partners include other colocation facilities/providers, network service providers such as carriers and ISPs, IT or data center consultants, system integrators, VARs, hardware manufacturers/resellers, security providers and property managers/real estate brokers.

How much compensation can I expect?

DRFortress will pay our Authorized Referral Channel Partners their choice on either a one-time upfront fee based on a percentage of the total initial contract value for each closed opportunity or a monthly-recurring fee based on the percentage of the monthly contract value over the lifetime of the closed customer contract. Authorized Reseller and Premier Service Partners will receive upfront or recurring volume discounts (multiple discount rates are available based on sales volume) for each resold deal and will be eligible to receive special promotional bonuses based on type/quantity of resold services. Authorized Channel Partners are paid within 45 days of client receiving and paying their 1st invoice.

Will DRFortress assist me in closing a deal/opportunity?

YES! Every lead is important to us. The value of the DRFortress customer base community increases as new companies/organizations begin to use our colocation facility and services. Businesses, especially in Hawaii, are often interrelated and purchase services from one another based on trust and respect. Hence, DRFortress places special emphasis on meeting with our potential clients learning about their business and helping to develop a solution that will provide the most value-add to their organization. Likewise, we will do the same for our Authorized Channel Partner clients and leads. We are available to provide joint facility tours,assist with sales conference calls or one-on-one personal meetings, help deliver sales presentations for specific client use cases, help with RFP responses, and set up demos as needed for each of your opportunities.

We hope these FAQs were helpful, however, if you need assistance with a specific question, please feel free to connect with us at channelpartner@drfortress.com .

How can I register for the DRFortress Channel Partner Program?

To register as an AuthorizedChannel Partner, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out and submit the Channel Partner Application form .
  2. Your application will be reviewed by the DRFortress Channel team within 2 business days.
  3. After being accepted into the program you will receive an Authorized Channel Partner ID, login credentials and granted access to the DRFortressChannel Partner website.

In order to be selected as an Authorized Channel Partner, your company must be in good credit and payment standing with DRFortress and in compliance with the terms and conditions of any existing DRFortress agreements or MSA. Your company must also have a valid website and properly documented company contact information name, phone, email, and address.

If you need any assistance with the application process, please contact us at channelpartner@drfortress.com .

How long does the Channel Partner application process take place?

The Channel Partner Program application is available on-line and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and submit. DRFortress will review your application and either “Accept” or “Decline” the application within 2 business days from the time you submit your application. If you need assistance with the application or lead registration process, please contact us at channelpartner@drfortress.com .

What are the benefits of the DRFortress Channel Partner Program?

Please click here to learn more about the membership benefits of the DRFortress Channel Program. Benefits include:

Recurring Revenue – Whether you join the Channel Partner Program as a Referral Agent, Reseller, or Premier Partner, DRFortress adds top-line revenue to your business by paying guaranteed rates upfront (one-time) for each closed deal, monthly-recurring fees based on a percentage of each closed deal/business opportunity or recurring volume discounts on resold deals. Authorized Channel Partners are paid within 45 days of client receiving and paying their 1st invoice.

Marketing Tools & Support – DRFortress provides you with customizable marketing materials to assist with promotions and will participate in joint marketing events/efforts to help support our Authorized Channel Partners.

Channel Sales Support – DRFortress’ support team is available to answer questions, assist with opportunities by providing joint facility tours, presentations, and demos as needed for each of your opportunities.

Technical Support – DRFortress operations and provisioning team provides technical support to our Authorized Channel Partners during the pre-sales process, implementation of services and on-going technical assistance for you and your customers when needed on a 24x7 basis.